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Dianne Plummer, founder and chief executive officer of Your True Shade, cautioned upcoming entrepreneurs to ensure that they do diligent research if they are to achieve sustainable economic benefits from their business ventures.

“My background is engineering, so initially, I didn’t know much and the need for contracts and doing my due diligence, so, of course, I got burnt a few times,” she said.

Video: Dianne Plummer heads for the big times in the makeup business

Local producer of “Your True Shade” natural makeup line, Dianne Plummer is hoping to tap into at least four more Caribbean markets within the next five years.

Having made headway in Jamaica, Barbados and the Cayman Islands, her medium to long term goal is to be the leading makeup line in the Caribbean and its Diaspora

Dianne Plummer: Engineering a beauty empire

A passion for chemical engineering and bioenergy carried Dianne Plummer all the way to Sweden. Then, while studying in the Scandinavian country, she encountered difficulty in finding skincare and make-up products.

With sensitive skin and a degree in science, the idea hit her to try her hand at making her own skin-friendly cosmetics. And so, Your True Shade (YTS) beauty line was born.

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Review: Your True Shade Charcoal Mask

Charcoal masks are the rave right now and the fact that one of Jamaica’s own makeup brand actually has one in their product line, is a huge thing for brand Jamaica. I just had to try it

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Branson Center of Entrepreneurhip

True Shade Cosmetic is well-poised for growth. The current aim is to get product into more locations and into more hands. Dianne is already sending samples to other Caribbean islands and targeting specific industries, like film and television. They are actively participating in beauty expos, pop up shops, fundrasining eev …

Dianne Plummer - Your True Shade Cosmetics

Launched in 2014, this brand caters to all skin tones and types, offering a 360-degree makeup and skincare experience to its clients. Now, as one of the 2017 Vision Achievers…

Your True Shade

Foundation is an essential part of any beauty regime, and finding the right shade can be tricky a best and a cakey mess at worst. Your True Shade Cosmetocs CEO and UTech lecturer Dianne Plummer has solved the problem of erroneous shading with her chemical engineering skills, resulting in her new locally manufactured line of product. Under the dryer gets an insight.

Going Natural with True Shade Cosmetics

Out of continuous frustration of not being able to find her “true shade”, Dianne Plummer developed her own line of True Shade cosmetics.

While attending Aalto University in Helsinki (Finland), Plummer was unable to find a foundation that matched her skin tone.

Plummer launches makeup line "Your True Shade"

It’s no secret that finding “Your True Shade” for many black women can be an extremely difficult task that is quite frustrating. Dianne Plummer knows this struggle all too well and she exemplifies what it means to use a challenge as an advantage.

True Shade Mineral Makeup Made in Jamaica

I can’t tell you how happy I was to be contacted by someone making makeup here in Jamaica. Making mineral makeup that’s better. I am elated. When she asked me to review the line I said YES GIRL WHEN???