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Glow Powders

Experience the exceptional highlight with our Glow Powders that glide on with ease and add dimension to your look.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

With 16 different shades available, experience the beauty of longevity of our lip colours.


While studying Sustainable Energy and Mechanical Engineering in Sweden and Finland, Dianne was unable to find makeup that offered the ideal coverage without irritating her sensitive skin and eczema. She was frustrated with the unhealthy ingredients in cosmetics and decided to use her knowledge of Chemical Engineering (BEng) to create a healthy line of skincare and makeup products using only ingredients that would not compromise health. In 2015, Your True Shade was born.

Dianne Plummer | founder & CEO

Know Your Skin

Harmful Effects of Makeup Ingredients

Harmful Effects of Makeup Ingredients

Majority of the population today uses makeup or skin care products to enhance their personal beauty. It is mainly applied to the face, but how many persons really know what exactly they are putting on their faces? Your True Shade’s core value is to enhance beauty...

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How Are You Storing Your Cosmetics?

How Are You Storing Your Cosmetics?

We all use some kind of personal care product. From the soap we use in the shower to the foundation we use to create an even skin tone. Personal care products including cosmetics have become a part of our daily lives.  The use of cosmetics is an avenue for beauty...

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Melasma – A closer look

Melasma – A closer look

It is often said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. With a phrase like this so commonly used, people often try their utmost best to be beautiful in today’s society. Despite the many products that are readily available to consumers these days, there are still...

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